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Transfer files to FileApp via USBTransfer files to FileApp via Wi-Fi

Connect Windows 7 to FileApp via Wi-Fi (FTP)

  • First of all you need to connect your computer and your iPhone or iPad on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • This works only on private local networks.
  • If you encounter problems when connecting FileApp to your computer you will find in FileApp Help some solutions for the most common issues or alternatively use the USB cable to transfer files.
  • To see documentation for other platforms click here.

Open Computer by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Computer.

Click Map network drive.

Click Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures and click Next.

Click Choose a custom network location and click Next.

Enter the IP address or Bonjour name displayed in FileApp Wi-Fi sharing ftp://x.x.x.x:2121 and click Next.

Note: Do not forget to add ftp:// before and :2121 after the address. FileApp must be opened and running during file transfers.

Select Log on anonymously and click Next.

Note: If you configured a FTP Sharing password in FileApp Preferences you need to unselect Log on anonymously and enter the username you choosed.

Enter a name of your choice for the Network location, click Next and then click Finish.

Now open Computer and you will see the FileApp network location you just created, open it.

Copy your Files to FileApp

  • The actual contents of FileApp appear in the FileApp network location
  • What is being added to this location is stored and visible in FileApp!
  • You can drag and drop files or folders from any folder on your computer to this location
  • If you do not see the files you copied tap “refresh” in FileApp – a circled arrow in the top toolbar