The iPhone & iPad File Manager & Reader
Get FileApp from the App Store for Free

Here is a Quick Guide to Get Started with FileApp!

Install the free FileApp from the App store

Download FileApp on your iPhone or iPad

  • In order to see documents, files and media on the iPhone, iPod or iPad you need a file browser
  • FileApp is a free file browser and media player supporting all file types supported by the device
  • FileApp supports Office documents (Word, Excel & Powerpoint) and PDF for viewing
  • FileApp plays video and audio

Install DiskAid

Download and install DiskAid on your computer

Download DiskAid
PC Windows Version 6.7.6
14.14 MB – Other platforms
  • DiskAid is a free download for PC and Mac
  • File transfer with DiskAid is free with no obligation whatsoever

Connect DiskAid

Launch DiskAid and connect your device to your computer using an USB cable

  • You can also transfer files via Wi-Fi after the first connection

Click on FileApp under Apps in Diskaid's left navigation pane

Browse and transfer files to FileApp

  • Click on the FileApp icon
  • The actual contents of FileApp show up in DiskAid’s window
  • Drag and drop files or folders, or use the “Copy to device” button
  • If you do not see the files you copied refresh FileApp (swipe down)