iPhone, iPad, iPod Music & File Transfer for PC & Mac
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Presentation Videos

Check out the following short movies showing various features of our software from different angles.
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Backup & Manage Apps With DiskAid

Backup, Install, uninstall, save and transfer all your apps using DiskAid. All data, settings and saved state are being handled, whether you want to keep a backup of your apps on your computer or an external disk. You can now reclaim precious storage space on your devices without loosing anything and reinstall apps on any device you like at any time!

Transfer iPhone Contacts With DiskAid 6

Check out the easiest way of managing local contacts among iPhones or iPads and across computers. No cloud, no iTunes sync, just drag and drop contacts from one location to another!

DiskAid 6 Wireless Multi Device iPhone File Transfer

Discover DiskAid 6 for Mac wireless iPhone browsing! This video displays some of the infinite possibilities provided by DiskAid 6 on the Mac with the mix of USB and Wi-Fi seamless connectivity.

MacUpdate Video

We like this short overview presentation of the main features in DiskAid 6 for Mac by MacUpdate, it covers the music copy, data sets access and iPhone file transfer.

Tutorial Videos

How to Transfer Music from an iPhone to iTunes

This displays a Mac, but it works exactly in the same way for an iPod or an iPad to copy music to a Windows PC.

How to Copy files to an iPhone

This video illustrates some of the possibilities offered by the use of our free features both in DiskAid and FileApp. A more detailed screen capture video of the same process is available in the FileApp feature video below.

Product Feature Videos

FileApp + DiskAid File Copy Feature

A close up screen view on the steps of a file transfer happening from a Mac to an iPhone, and then from this same iPhone to a Windows PC. The same type of operation is viewable in real life and real time in the How to Copy files to an iPhone tutorial video above.

iPhone Contacts Transfer to Computer

Quick and detailed, this video displays the transfer of some iPhone contact to a PC running Windows. The commands and function are strictly identical on a Mac, and this would work likewise for contactes stored on an iPad or iPod touch.

SMS Text Messages copy from iPhone to Computer

See how to transfer SMS text messages from any iPhone to a computer with simple actions using DiskAid, in just a minute and a half.

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