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Jun 30, 2014 by Glenn

I got this program from The Cultcast Podcast show. I had no idea what it was until I played with the program for a while. This is the most awesome and useful program for the iPhone and iPad that I have seen for a while. And then you guys at DigiDNA just keep updating and improving it to a "I can't believe it does all this stuff - crazy level". The absolute detailed backup and cloning feature are my favorites. Get off the cheap fence and buy this program it is worth every penny.

Response: Hey we are so glad you like DiskAid as much as we love it, thank you for the feedback!!

Soooo Easy to Use
Apr 19, 2014 by Brenda

I looked at a few different products over a few days. I was so happy with this one. I had the same Ipod for 8 years I recently got a new one, but didn't have the same computer and would have lost a lot of my music. It took all of 5 minutes and all of my music was in my Itunes. As for paying for it I didn't mind small price to pay compared to what it would have cost to replace 780 songs! Thank you.

Response: You are so much welcome! Thanks for these words and your support :)

It helped win a child custody case
Apr 14, 2014 by Mike Dunlap

We used DiskAid to download our text and voice mail messages from our phones, it was very helpful in the courtroom. I had looked for something that would do this very thing. Thank you for you creative genius. It made all the difference.

Response: We are happy to help solve problems and we\'re thankful for your nice feedback. Anytime.

Works wonderfully
Apr 12, 2014 by Chris

My iPod classic 160gb stopped showing my music, except for when it was connected to a computer. Most of the good copy programs i heard of were for windows only, so i was intrigued by this mac product. It works great. It handles .wav files perfectly, coping over all the metadata! It also copied all my playlists, except for the smart playlists, which i don't know if any other product handles. The only hiccup i had was it stopped copying about 80% through my library, and i had to restart the process, but the program checked for duplicates flawlessly and executed the remaining uncopied files.

This is a great piece of software and i am very happy i chose it. Well done.

Response: Thank you for this feedback. Glad you liked it we\'re coming with new stuff in the very next versions hope you will enjoy them too :)

Should Be Part Of Every Student's Toolkit!
Mar 11, 2014 by Kaliko Trapp

I don't usually review apps, but I have to say, this app is totally worth every penny! The interface (on my Mac) is beautiful and well-crafted; it does every thing it says it does; and the price is right for a trigger-purchase!

I got this with the EDU licence, as I am a grad student at university. Seriously, for all you students out there, this $20 app helps you get the "bloat" out of your iPhone or iPad, as well as save precious things that Apple doesn't make easy to save, like voicemails and SMS images/videos that have been sent to you that chew up tons of space. I just love it!

There's much more to say, but it will suffice to suggest you try the free trial. It should be a part of everyone's iPhone/iPad toolkit.

All the best to you, Mr. Developer, whomever you are. Thanks also for the videos showing how it all works. Take care. kaliko

Response: Thank you for your feedback, glad you took advantage of the EDU discount!

Feb 23, 2014 by Brian

I have always wanted to save my Voicemails on my phone. I have lost alot because I didnt know about this program. Very excited I can do it so easily now. Thank you very much! Worth the money!

top class utility
Feb 13, 2014 by stealingthunder

Wonderful little app. used it to move entire manual for my GoPro camera to my phone for easy access on-piste. Coupled with FileApp, wouln'd be without either!

FileApp pro 4 migration
Jan 12, 2014 by Robert Gaudreau

I have done a third try on my FileApp pro 4 finally the migration went well. The first 3 installation I was set directly to the folder secure. On my forth try DiskAid ask to migrate the files from my previous version. I will change my 1 star to 4 star.

Response: Thank you again and very much for the extensive feedback - glad it worked in the end.

FileApp pro 4 migration
Jan 11, 2014 by Robert Gaudreau

I use FileApp Pro 3, it works nicely with the wifi. I have migrated to FileApp Pro 4, Why the folders from FileApp Pro 3 are not directly accessible from the version 4? If I want to migrate to the version 4 I need to move all the files from version 3 to the computer and copy it back to the FileApp pro 4, I believe the reason you have changed the file format. Nevertheless on your migration message you should say it and have and easy process to migrate. I get myself frustrated on the migration. I have deleted the version 4 twice because I have to do that. I like to use FileApp pro. When you do a major release like this make sure, give yourself trouble before to get into trouble otherwise us as a user we are in trouble. If you want us to be happy I think you know what to do. The star goes for FileApp pro 4 migration, and for the FileApp Pro 3 and disk aid I give a 4 stars.

Response: We tried to render the process as smooth and easy and we\'re sorry this merge could be hassle for some of you but we believe it is a good move.
We want to offer the best app we can and therefore will keep our focus and attention on a single FileApp edition that will allow user to choose what they really want and need as added on features.
Thank you for the encouragements - and be assured we won\'t do that soon again :)

Jan 05, 2014 by Mike

I have been using DiskAid for a while and I was fairly happy with it. It could have been better but in general, it wasn't bad. I was a bit unhappy to see that there was new update, which required another purchase ... however, now I understand why. The version 6 is just nigh and day when compared to 5. It is completely re-done and I can't say there is anything missing. Wi-Fi is definitely one of the biggest improvements. To make the story short, it was worth every penny. Great job!

Response: Thank you for this awesome encouragement to the Dev Team :)

DigiDNA 0041 22 548 00 17 7 av. Dumas Geneva GE, 1206 Switzerland 4.3 5.0 154 154 I got this program from The Cultcast Podcast show. I had no idea what it was until I played with the program for a while. This is the most awesome and useful program for the iPho

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