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You are now downloading DiskAid 6 for PC Windows

If your download hasn’t started yet, please click here.

Alternative download link: DiskAid_6_7_6.exe.

System Requirements: Windows XP or later, to download other versions click here.

How to install DiskAid on your PC

Download the DiskAid Installer and click “Run”
Download DiskAid from Internet Explorer 9

This screenshot shows how to download on Internet Explorer 9, it can be a bit different on other browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or previous versions of Internet Explorer.

Click “Yes” when asked to allow the DiskAid Installer to make changes
Allow the DiskAid installer to make changes on your computer

Note: Make sure that a previous version of DiskAid is not running. You need to quit DiskAid during the installation process.

Follow instructions provided by the DiskAid Installer
DiskAid Installer

Create a desktop shortcut at the end!