Licensing Terms & Policy

License Purchase and Registration Benefits

Remove any limitation

Unlock All Features in DiskAid

Purchase and register your license and copy music, video, SMS, contacts and more data.
48 hrs response time for support 24/7

Email support 24/7

Includes email support response within 48hrs maximum, day, night and holidays. Your satisfaction is our priority.
3 days refund guarantee

3 days refund policy

Purchase with confidence, if DiskAid does not the job we will refund unsatisfied users, it’s our promise. Please refer to the Refund Policy terms below for conditions.
Paying online is safe

Paying online is safe

Transaction are encrypted and secure with FastSpring.
We treat online transactions very seriously.

Licensing Policy

The following License Policy applies to DigiDNA desktop applications (App Store Apps excluded, see below):

  • The license purchase unlocks all premium feature in DiskAid including music and video copy to iTunes and to computer, iPhone data copy (SMS, contacts, voicemail , notes, call history and voice memos).
  • A license is granted with no time limit for version issued at the time of purchase and includes free updates for that version. The product version is defined by the number immediately following the product name, followed by a period.
  • The license is valid for the current version, including service updates and bug fixes for both Mac and Windows version. Upgrades to new DiskAid versions and major releases that include new features and support for new operating systems are available at discount for existing license owners.
  • Each license covers every computer owned by the license owner. This license is strictly personal. We understand a license owner might operate computers that are not strictly his own and will tolerate installation on such shared computers (e.g. office owned machines or family computers). This only extends to fair use and abuse would lead to license cancellation without compensation.
  • One license allows to connect as many devices as wanted, there is no connectivity limitation associated with a licence.
  • Refunds are granted on a discretionary basis if the software for any material reason failed to operate, could not be installed or did not work properly and every reasonable means to correct the issue has been applied. In such a case the licensee is required to open a support ticket in order to notify the DigiDNA Support Team of the issue to provide all necessary details as to ensure that all possible means of solving the problem have been exhausted. More details on the refund process can be found on the DigiDNA Support Website.
  • All terms of license for FileApp set by the App Store terms of sale and can be found on Apple’s website.

Educational License Program Rebate

DigiDNA is proud to support college students and faculty members and offers a 30% discount on license purchase to eligible email account holders.

Beneficiaries of an email address ending in .edu are qualifying. For non-US countries the email can be containing the .edu domain name appended to any national domain name extension (like, or Sorry outside from these email guidelines our system won’t work – and unfortunately strictly no exceptions will be considered, requests will be ignored.

To obtain your educational discount please make sure you:

  • Register using your qualifying email address (see above)
  • Upon checkout form the store enter the following coupon or just click this link: DISKAIDLOVESCOLLEGE

And also, please note:

  • One single discounted license can be purchased per email address.
  • Free upgrades are granted to every license purchase for the current version, major versions upgrades are optional and may be subject to fees or repurchase, in this case educational licenses are granted a substantial discount on upgrade like any other owner of a previous version.